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Are you looking at prison time or a whopping fine for a charged crime? 

Then you might want to hire a criminal lawyer. However, you need not just a lawyer who defends you in courts, but someone who specializes in cases like yours – experienced, committed, and acts as your advisor and confidant during these difficult times. 

Our accomplished and aggressive lawyers are committed and dedicated to defend individuals or corporations who were charged or are under investigation for state or federal crimes. We know facing a criminal charge is stressful, intimidating, and daunting. But, having a competent and experienced lawyer by your side is comforting. We also take pride in our law firm with attorneys who don’t only represent you in courts but are also compassionate about your situation.

In Florida, there are two classifications of crimes: felonies and misdemeanors. The maximum penalty for the latter is until 1 year of imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000. In most cases, you do not go to jail if you were convicted with misdemeanor, especially if you have a dynamic attorney who will be there for you in every stage of the entire process. That is why it is crucial to choose the right lawyer. On the other hand, felonies are punishable from a year of imprisonment to life imprisonment or death penalty and a fine of up to $15,000. Usually, you will go to a state prison if you were found guilty. Some crimes can be classified as misdemeanor or felony depending on the discretion of the prosecutor. 

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What types of crimes do we handle?

As versatile lawyers, we have effectively handled multiple cases of crimes. If you were charged with the following, don’t wait any longer. Time is crucial in criminal matters.


Violent Crimes:

Assault, Battery, Homicide, Manslaughter, Kidnapping


Theft Crimes

Robbery, Burglary, Forgery, Identity Theft


Drug Crimes

Marijuana Possession, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Transportation


Federal Crimes

Federal Drug Crimes, Money Laundering, Bank & Loan Fraud, Wire & Mail Fraud, Medicare Fraud

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many possible consequences after being convicted of a crime – from losing the right to vote, being imprisoned for many years, and losing loved ones, properties, and job. In other words, it will bring a long-lasting impact in every aspect of your life.

If you are in the Miami area, give us a call now and we’ll explain the court process in the best way we can that you understand. We make sure that your voices will be heard.


Do you need to hire a lawyer?

If you think that your case is hopeless and should simply accept the full force of the consequences, you should not go through this alone. While the outcome of your criminal case depends on many factors out of your control, hiring the right criminal attorney will give you the best possible result.

You might also worry about the cost, but it is nothing compared to going to prison. In addition, you need someone who knows better to help you navigate through your issue and ensure your constitutional rights are protected. In fact, they may even have your case dismissed before any formal charges are brought against you. They are also the right people to negotiate rights that you are entitled to, which you may not know, to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Whether it’s your fault or not, we know fighting criminal charges against you is a long and tormenting ordeal. With us, we will fight tooth and nail while giving you comfort and security.

Why choose us?

We are experienced and knowledgeable in criminal law. Not all criminal lawyers are the same. First of all, we have been handling the same cases for many years now and are well-versed in Florida’s criminal law. However, we also understand that every case is different, so we customize our legal strategies to ensure that we will provide favorable results. That is why as soon as we meet for the initial consultation, we will listen to your case and lay down possible legal actions and consequences based on your situation. 

We know court rules as well, and are confident and comfortable in court hearings so we don’t just make objections that could affect your case. We are also up to date on the nuances of these types of cases, together with the best possible defense. 

We are responsive. We don’t waste time. We understand that time lost is a case lost. We will be working right away with your case, and we are always available to answer your questions through phone calls or emails. This is also how we work in courts. We are quick in defending our clients until the end.

We listen to you. We are representing you in every legal aspect of your criminal charge but the big decision is up to you. We take time to look into your case and understand your goals and priorities. We will, then, take all these into account when making plans for your best interest.

We have so much enthusiasm for our profession. Having many years of experience is not enough. In our law firm, we work hard to investigate your case thoroughly, so that we will come up with the best possible legal plan for your best interest. We have impeccable interest in every case we handle because we understand that this is a serious situation, which could affect your life and the people you love.

We get recommendations from previous clients and their families. A criminal lawyer’s legal advice is significant to the defendant. Most of the time during the entire process, you will follow our advice because we are the lawyers. We should know the law. This is the reason why we get recommendations from our previous clients because they know we are trustworthy.

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