A DUI Criminal Attorney is critical to the defense of any person arrested for a DUI offense. As with any criminal charges, one must hire a skilled lawyer to handle their case. In DUI cases, the penalties can be very harsh, and if convicted, one could serve up to a year in jail. So you definitely want to have the best defense possible. A DUI Criminal Attorney can advise on the best legal defense strategy that suits your particular situation.

A DUI Criminal Attorney can advise on how best to plead, which means what is taken into consideration by the court system in deciding punishment. The majority of DUI criminal attorneys represent clients charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI or driving under the influence of drugs is a crime, punishable by a number of different penalties. A DUI conviction can result in mandatory ignition interlock devices on all vehicles, extensive alcohol education, vehicle modifications, jail time, fines, and even more penalties. A knowledgeable DUI attorney can inform you about the many options available to you, and the ones which are likely to result in the least amount of jail time.

When a DUI conviction is approved by the court, an experienced DUI criminal attorney can petition the court to reduce the penalties or sentences. DUI penalties depend on many factors. Some of those factors include age, gender, driving record, criminal record, geographical location, prior DUI offenses, other drug or alcohol-related charges, etc. Some states allow for the partial suspension of a driver’s license during the probation period after a DUI conviction. A knowledgeable DUI Attorney will be able to advise you whether this is a good option for you. An experienced DUI attorney can also discuss the possibility of a DUI 2nd trial, or the ability of a BAC testing device to prove the degree of alcohol consumption.

The probable cause standard is often used in DUI criminal attorney consultations to determine whether there is sufficient evidence for a DUI arrest. Probable cause refers to the evidence that supports the reasonable suspicion that a defendant has been driving while intoxicated, based on some facts that have been proven by the arresting officer. For example, an officer may stop a driver for speeding, check the driver’s breath, and then arrest the individual for DUI. If the officer has not verified that the individual actually had a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, there is no probable cause to arrest the individual for DUI.

In a DUI criminal attorney consultation, you will discuss the probable cause for your arrest. The DUI Attorney will use this information to determine whether you were arrested for DUI based on reasonable suspicion. If the DUI Attorney finds probable cause to believe that you were arrested for DUI, the DUI Attorney will file a motion to suppress the arrest and prosecution. A motion to suppress is a legal challenge that is designed to protect against excessive police force, racial discrimination, due Process, and illegal search and seizure. If the motion is granted, the DUI Attorney can challenge the constitutionality of the arrest and prosecution of the DUI case.

These DUI attorneys are available to assist clients charged with drunk driving charges who don’t think they have enough probable or sufficient evidence to get an unfavorable outcome from the DUI conviction. Most DUI attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that they only charge fees when they successfully obtain the result the client desires. If you are charged with drunk driving, you should hire a DUI Attorney as soon as possible. An experienced DUI Attorney will understand how to use the resources of the law to help you avoid prison time, lose your driver’s license, and get your life back on the right track.

DUI attorneys are widely available throughout the United States. DUI attorneys are considered specialists in drunk driving cases and typically handle several DUI and DWI cases each year. DUI and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) laws are complex, and can be very complicated. For this reason, it is recommended that you hire a DUI Attorney that is familiar with the intricacies of DUI and DWI laws, as well as the courts, prosecutors and judges that handle these cases.

If convicted of a DUI offense, you may face additional charges such as reckless driving, failure to remain at the scene of the arrest, possession of illegal drugs, hit-and-run accidents, multiple DUI offenses and other charges. A skilled DUI Criminal Attorney will be aware of all the defenses to these additional charges. A DUI conviction can have serious financial and employment consequences. You may be forced out of your job, if you are convicted of a DUI or related offense. A DUI conviction can also have a negative impact on your personal life, making it necessary for you to seek a speedy trial and a positive outcome.